Chapter 111: Will You?

“What?” Adriel exclaimed through the phone.

She was all alone in their house since Aria and Kian presented to take care of Zenon. When those two finally got together, they had been playing with Zenon more often since “he makes them feel like parents,” as per their words.

Now, those two are calling after her since Zenon apparently ingested something inanimate.

“W—well, is he alright?” Adriel stammered. “Bring him to the hospital!”

“He’s alright,” Aria reassured. “It’s a good thing that Kian knows first aid. However, he’s crying for you. Is it alright for you to come here and console him?”

“Alright, alright,” Adriel nodded her head. “I’ll head out immediately after hanging up the phone.”

She ended the call right away and readied her things. She borrowed one of Zeth’s cars and sped to Kian’s and Aria’s apartment complex.

She wasted no time in taking the elevator to Kian’s unit.


Zeth anxiously tapped his foot on the ground as he waited for Adriel’s arrival.

Cedric chuckled as
Sand Kastle

Ahhh! He dropped the question! After more than a hundred chapters, they're finally going to get married! Heads up. I won't be able to upload a chapter tomorrow. Just a little bit of thrill before the finale. See you all on the next day!

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Omg what you could've double updated to leave such a heavy cliff hanger. wow.

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