Do you remember me?

In the capital X, David sat on the bed, straightening his legs. He thinks that when he is busy himself, he will eventually forget all about her. But that made him miss her even more. Her scent, the curves of her body, her soft lips, and everything about her were imprinted on his mind. Before, he had not interacted with any girls. Then suddenly Ella entered his life making everything completely messed up. He realizes he loves her. Everything about her made him feel like he wanted to hold her and not let her go.

But she kept her distance from him. Because of the marriage contract or because his mother did not agree to this marriage? He thinks he will turn the fake couple into the real couple. One day, he will make his mother accept Ella.

Ella goes to have lunch at a restaurant before going back to her house. At the restaurant, she runs into her friend Suzy and Suzy's husband Robert.

“Is it really you? Long time no see. Are you ok?" Suzy said excitedly. Since she spoke a little loudly,
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