I did a bad thing

An hour later, Ella's black hair turned platinum. This platinum hair color makes her look both beautiful and youthful. Rika dyed her hair pink. Pink is her favorite color.

Stepping out of the salon, the two girls went to a nearby fashion store, buying a lot of beautiful clothes.

Finally, they return to their mansion. When Ella got out of the car, all the maids lined up to greet her, and Rika was stunned at Ella's new hair color. They weren't surprised about Rika, as she dyed her hair once a month. So, she has become familiar in their eyes. But, Ella is different. She is known to be a kind, gentle, standard girl, so when she dyed her hair, everyone was surprised.

Mr. Ella's father-in-law, Roy, who also just got home, paled when he saw that she dyed her hair platinum.

Mrs. Emma was extremely angry, scolding her. "You liar. You are no different than the long-legged girls in the bar. Are you marrying my son for money, and then you will leave him for another man?”

Hearing her mother say ba
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