New Year's Eve Proposal

At this time, Mr. Stephen took a close look at David. He realized he had seen David in business magazines.

“Why are you marrying my daughter?” Mr. Stephen asked. "

David knows that Mr. Stephen will ask this question. He answered honestly. "Because I love her."

"Incorrect. The main reason is that you paid for my treatment when I was in an accident?” Mr. Stephen opened the cabinet and pulled out the crumpled bills. “This money I have saved over the years, I pay you. If it's not enough, I'll pay later."

David froze, he felt he was offended.

Ella stands inside the house, also feeling displeased by her father's actions. She was about to step out and say a few words for David when he spoke. “Sir, I admit I married Ella on purpose at first. But after a period of contact with her, with her going through difficulties, I realized that I truly love her. My love comes from the heart, not for any other reason. I hope you will marry your daughter to me, I will make her happy.”

Ella was moved by Dav
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