Honeymoon trip 1

David and Ella have been married for a week. They plan to go on a honeymoon.

The location during the honeymoon trip is on a small island in the Pacific Ocean called Fiji, on the island, there is a private club that is a mecca for everyone to rest, the number of people here is very large. At least, outside the door are statues of children and statues of knights standing on either side, many Hollywood stars and the most famous figures in the society like to come here to rest.

The only means of transportation on the island is a helicopter. David and Ella went out the door of the plane, which had a private car waiting there. They chose a room designed on the water, the brown roof is covered with grass, outside the room is a private beach, below is transparent sea water, above is the vast blue sky, in the room is decorated. Simple decoration, wood, and bamboo as the main theme, fresh air everywhere, and no pollution.

Ella has never had a chance to go on a trip to the sea, so this trip got
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