Honeymoon trip 2

After the coach taught them the simplest methods. Next, the teacher instructs them in simple hand movements, because underwater cannot talk, and can only rely on hand and foot language to communicate, upright hand means stop, two fingers swinging the wave up and down means swimming, and holding the nose to breathe means the pressure is increasing, need to go up, finally, it's simpler to use your hands to do Ok.

After the canoe took them out to sea, arrived at the diving site, and stopped, the coach helped Ella to put on a diving suit, put on frog shoes, and an oxygen tank on her back, David has the experience, so he wears his own diving suit.

The oxygen tank weighs almost 50kg, Ella has her back to the back, she is sitting on the web, so heavy that she can't stand up, the trainer has to help her lift the oxygen tank, so she can stand up. OK, they go to the stairs, David jumps into the sea, he's in the water holding her.

Ella went down the stairs, her body fell into the water, the seaw
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