She's pregnant 2

David looked at his wife in surprise, Mr. Roy coughed. "The name of the baby does not have to be chosen from the names on this paper, you can choose whatever you want, I have no idea."

David looked at the names on the paper and smiled. Ella's finger pointed to a name on the paper, speaking to David. “Use this name, okay?”

David nodded. "So, if it's a boy, it's called Elias, if it's a girl, it's called Zelda."

Mr. Roy heard that, somewhat smugly, and his face immediately smiled.

Since Ella is pregnant, there is no married life, at night, David has to sleep separately, and he is afraid to touch the baby in Ella's belly. One day, David took her to a maternity checkup, and he asked the doctor directly. “When can we sleep in the same room?”

Ella just listened, her face was red, and she lowered her head not daring to look at the doctor, the doctor tried not to laugh, and glanced at the couple. "Now is the time to settle down, can sleep together, but still should be restrained, not too inten
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