She's pregnant 3

"Stop teasing me. Our mother is here. I asked her if she could come with us, okay? And she said yes."

Finished talking, he opened the car door and helped her sit inside, then he turned to Mrs. Emma. "Mom, you take care of my wife."

Mrs. Emma looked at him and nodded with a smile.

After confirming she was in a safe seat, David rounded the driver's seat. Half an hour later, the car stopped at a rather large hospital in the city of X. David gently hugged Ella's waist along with her, and Mrs. Emma stepped inside.

Ella followed the nurse's instructions into the room, with David in the back. His eyes were fixed on the screen that was gradually showing a fetus that had formed.

The doctor moved the instrument over her abdomen and spoke to Ella. "The baby is developing very well, your family remembers to be careful in these months of pregnancy, especially since you and your husband should not have sex to avoid affecting the baby."

Ella's face flushed, she peeked at David but, she caught s
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