New member

A cool summer, in the warm, peaceful house of the husband and wife David and Ella have just welcomed a new member named Zelda.

Back to the past.

At the company.

David was busy with documents that needed his approval when suddenly his phone rang.

He opened the phone, it was his mother calling.

“David, Ella suddenly had a stomach ache and fainted, she is in the emergency room. You want to go to the hospital.”

David hung up the call, forgot to put on his jacket, put his phone in his pocket, and ran to the hospital.

Because his wife is about to give birth, so he is very excited.

From the office, he rushes to the elevator, and waits for the elevator for less than fifteen seconds, he feels impatient, occasionally looking at the watch in his right hand.

Right now, whatever, he doesn't care. The only thing he thinks about is his wife's safety.

Arriving in the parking lot, he got into the driver's seat, not even having time to buckle his seat belt. He's at a very fast pace.

At the intersection
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