Happy family

The next morning, Ella prepared breakfast and went out, and Zelda was washed and cleaned. When Ella went out, Zelda woke up, but then she went back to sleep. David sat leisurely reading the document.

Suddenly, Zelda woke up, flipped over, and leaned out of the crib.

David turned to look, reached out to pick her up from the crib, he set his baby down on the carpet, and dumped the toys around her. He says. "Just play." then back to work.

Zelda is very obedient, quietly sitting and playing. She rolled left and right and flipped all over.

Playing for a while, Zelda felt lonely, she crawled to David's feet, grabbed his pants, she raised her big eyes to look at her father who was concentrating on work.

David understood, Zelda was trying to call him, and suddenly David got interested, he smiled and looked down. His face showed amusement, he knew Zelda wanted milk. So he put her to bed, went to the kitchen to get a bottle of milk that Ella had prepared, and put it in the cupboard. Seeing
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