When Tony left, Asher asked angrily.

"Why did you send him away?!" Haya asked Asher angrily.

"Why are you following him?" Asher asked him.

"Let me go ahead before I tell you." He said that Haya


Then Asher left him, while Haya glared at him.

"Why do you interfere? He owes us, who I'm after, he doesn't want to pay!" Haya replied proudly.

"Well, you didn't immediately tell me why, and I didn't even think you were bullying." Asher spoke to him.

"I'm not bullying, I'm just going after him for the debt." said Haya.

"Really?" Asher approached him.

"Why is he so afraid of you?" Asher asked, as he approached her and backed away until she leaned against the closet.

"Uhhm, I don't know why he's afraid." Haya replied.

"Tssk, I hope I don't see you next time, bullying." Asher threatens Haya as he glares at her.

"I'm not bullying." Haya refuses.

"Well, prove it." Asher spoke to her and it walked away from her.

 "Gqgrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" refused Haya to stay as she watched Asher walk away.

Then Tora and some of her Powerpuff Girls members also arrived

"What's it like? Have you seen him?" he asked them.

"No, we didn’t see him. ”said Shasha.

"Tssk! It's fine, just tell me again when you see her." Haya ordered them and dismissed them.

Tora approached her and they walked towards the trees.

"Tssk! That Asher is annoying!" annoyed Haya said.

"Oh, why are you mad at Asher?" Tora asked.

"Because I already saw Tony, he just interfered!" said Haya annoyingly.

"Ha? Why, what happened?" Tora asked surprisingly.

"He helped Tony, he helped him avoid me." Haya said as she sat down in a chair.

"Really? Did Asher do that?" Tora said and sat down next to him.

"Yes, tssk!" refused Haya said.

"Let's talk differently, tell me who your roommate is? Don't lie to me, because I'll find out later too, so tell me the truth now. "Tora told him.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but don't tell the others who my roommate is. "said Haya.

"Okay promised." said the Torah.

"My roommate, it's none other than - it's Asher." said Haya.

"What?! Is it Asher?" surprised Tora.

"You can't be noisy, maybe someone will hear you. " Haya scolds Tora.

"How did Asher become your roommate?" Tora asked in surprise.

"I don't know either. The admin made a mistake because they thought my first name was Abraham, so I went to the men's dorm. " Haya explained.

"How is it now? Are you together in the same room as Asher? Did he recognize you, that you kissed him?" Tora asked.

"Of course, he knew me. We have rules at the dorm, and one of them is he's not allowed to tell others what our dorm number is and who's with us." said Haya.

"Oh really, you have rules? It's okay, at least he won't take advantage of you. " said Tora.

"Hmp, just try it, she can feel a strong kick from me." Haya was afraid.

"Hahaha, that's my girl!" smiling Tora said immediately tapping Haya on the shoulder.

"What are your rules by the way?" asked Tora curiously.

"The rules he made, like I'm going to litter evéry in the morning, I'm going to clean up, it's forbidden to interfere with things that aren't his, it's forbidden to litter and so on. "said Haya.

"Ah, it seems sad by his standards, it would be quite difficult for you. said Tora."

"Which one, the janitor or the garbage disposal?" Haya asked.

"No, littering is forbidden! I know you're a bully." Tora smirked.

"Tssk, I'm not a mess anymore! I always fix my stuff, so she can't say anything bad about me. " said Haya.

"Ah well, you learned to pack your things, unlike before I was always the one to fix your things." Tora complained.

"Of course, I'm the one cleaning our room right now." said Haya as she smiled.

"Wait, I'm just curious what you two do when you're in the room together?" Torah in a wonderful way.

"Nothing, just sleeping. I almost didn't see him because he comes home at night. Sometimes I sleep when he comes "said Haya.

"Ah is that right, maybe they always have a gig so he comes late at night.” The Torah said so.

"I don't know, I don't ask him, in fact we don't talk much. " said Haya.

"Right? Can I go to your dorm?" Tora asked.

"'It's impossible, because it's by our rules and I don't want anyone to see us in the boy's bedroom either." said Haya.

"What if you go in and out of the dorm?" Tora asked.

"I check first if no one is there, so they won't see me going in and out."said Haya

"Ah is that so, go ahead and be careful, because you might gossip when someone sees you leaving the men's dorm, just like I see you." said the Torah.

"Tssk, who has the strength to gossip about me? He was just scared." Haya asked.

"'Nor can you say, not all students are afraid of you." said the Torah.

"'Hmmp. Haya just sighed.

Meanwhile, Asher goes to the music room, because they have practice for a school event.

When he entered, his bandmates were already there and tuning their respective instruments. He in turn, wrote what they could sing at the scheduled gig. When he finished, he showed them the line of the song.

"Oh, this is what we're going to sing. Asher said and handed it to Tim."

Tim, Abraham and Stevent looked at it.

"It's okay, but you don't have an original song in progress? Let's try to play it in the last part." The opinion of Tim.

"Well, it seems okay that you make songs, to be different." said Abraham.

"It's not bad, but it's not over yet." said Asher.

"Well, just finish it so we can practice and play in the event." said Tim.

"Okay then, I'll try to work it out this week." said Asher.

"Okay go ahead; let's just play these other songs first." Stevent said.

"Okay then. said Abraham.

Then they sat down and began to play the songs written in the order of Asher. Two songs were rehearsed at a school function.

It was really late at night when It was really late at night when they finished practicing and they both went back home and went to the bedroom. As they hurried down the road. Tim did not see the woman who was going to attack him. Tim confronted the woman and threw away the literature she was carrying.

"Opps, sorry!" Tim said immediately.

The woman immediately bent down to get her books and Tim also helped get his books and handed them to the woman

He looked at the woman, she was pretty but she wore reading glasses that obviously she liked to read.

"Here, sorry." Tim said briefly, while still looking at the woman.

"Thank you!" the woman replied curtly and was about to turn around, but Tim stopped her.

"Wait, what's your name? I'm Tim." Tim introduces himself as he holds out his hand.

"I'm Amy." is the short answer and he held out Tim's hand.

"Hi Amy, nice to meet you!" said Tim as he smiled.

Amy just smiled back and said goodbye.

"Okay, bye.

Amy then turned and approached Tim "Nice move Tim!" simultaneously said and smiled at Tim

"There's only one new girl here in the dorm. " Tim said with a smile,

"Tssk! she's not new, you just didn't notice her! You're too focused on sexy girls" said Stevent.

"Oh, I just saw him, do you know him?" Tim asked the question.

"I saw him before, he was a fellow Torah classmate. said Abraham."

"Right? Looks like I'll be staying in Tora's room. "Smiling Tim said.

"Haha, you and Asher are together so he can see Haya too." Abraham despises Asher.

"Tssk, I don't need to see him." Asher answered.

"Bro, you don't consider her your girlfriend, after all, you've already kissed, right? That's easy!" Stevent asked him.

"Yeah, Haya's fine. It's just that, she likes a lesbian; she doesn't know how to get ready. Have you seen her wear a dress?" Tim asked them.

Abraham shrugged before answering, "I don't know, I've never seen him."

"I've never seen him either." Stevent replied as it shook.

"Huh, guys! Isn't it okay if she's not wearing a dress? That's fine, so you don't have to have to and see her legs!" timidly Asher said.

"Hahaha! Wow, are you a conservative guy Asher?" Abraham laughed.

"Tssk! You're pure nonsense!" said Asher.

"You mean, your girlfriend is a lesbian. I saw her once, they even have a group that makes other girls cry. " said Stevent.

"What? You mean Haya bullying other students?" Tim asked the question.

"I'm sure, I only saw them once." said Stevent.

"Oh, do you know this Asher?" Abraham asked.

Asher didn't answer right away, because he wasn't sure if Haya was bullying.

"Well, I don't know him very well yet so I don't know either" said Asher.

"Huh, your girlfriend is just cool, dude!" laughing Tim said.

Asher kept his head down,

"Tssk, she's not my girlfriend."

All right, let me go first." Asher said angrily and went first into the bedroom.

"What happened to him?" Tim asked, as they stayed outside watching Asher walk into the bedroom.

"It's you, you said again that Haya is his girlfriend. She said Abraham."

"Huh, why doesn't he want to make a move on her yet? He obviously likes Haya too." said Tim.

"Well, we don't know if he really likes Haya, let's just not lead a conclusion." said Stevent.

"Okay then. Come on, let's go in too. "She said Tim.

Then suddenly they entered the bedroom. As he walked, Stevent noticed a woman who appeared to have entered Asher's room. Stevent stopped, wanting to see who it was but, it closed the door. Stevent was surprised by what he saw.

"Who is that?" Stevent wondered in surprise.

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