On the day they entered the class the missed substudies and the recovery of the test papers from the Professor’s office were still being discussed.

As Haya and Tora walked down the hallway they heard the school announcement.

"Hello! All the understudies line up and go to the field now. On a rehash, all the understudies, go to the field now."

After hearing the statement they generally followed and left. As they move around, it is inevitable that they will contemplate and grumble about why they have not been sent anywhere in the garden.

"Tora, for what reason would they say they're sending us to the garden? What's the matter?" Haya asked.

"I don't know maybe; I don't have any report on that." The Torah was moved.

At this point they showed up on the field they were quickly arranged and when each of the understudies organized, the Principal spoke to them.

"Great morning sub-studies! That's why we called you and sent you to this place, as we need to tell you something important. We all und
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