chapter 28: Athonio and Ariel: revenge

Ariel looked sideway as she played with her nails.

Athonio fixed his gaze on her fair neck and he can feel his teeth twitching for a bite and his member rising up under his pants.

He doesn't care if Ariel is pregnant, all he knows is that this lady has a force that is attracting him to her. The same force which pulled him to her in the Alpha's room.

Ariel can feel his intent gaze and she became uncomfortable by sitting there with him. She looked at the spring direction consecutively to see if Hera is coming to ease the atmosphere.

" Ariel" Athonio called with his deep voice and Ariel flinched a little.

" You look enticing and beautiful" Athonio said seductively as he licked his lower lip and Ariel looked away feeling embarrassed and disgust at the same time.

" Is that a compliment or some flirting words? " Ariel asked with a smirk.

" You can take it whatever way you want" Athonio replied shrugging his broad shoulders with an alluring smile on his face.

Athonio is the type whom any wol
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