Chapter Ten


Chloe heard the click of the door as Dr. Turner opened it and she hurried back into her chair, whipping out her phone and playing with her home screen icons. Wolves? She thought that the two of them talking about wolves and changing was incredibly confusing. She finally decided that she just must not have heard them correctly. That was the danger when eavesdropping in the first place.

The two men walked back into the room as though nothing had happened, but at least the she didn't feel like lightning was about to rip through the room. Captain Wolfe was looking much calmer and Dr. Turner was again behaving like his usual self. It was as if the entire first portion of their meeting had been all in her imagination.

The Captain sat down in the chair across from Chloe, his brown eyes settling on her and making her feel as though he could see right through her. She was having a hard time not checking him out to see if he looked in real life the way he had in her dreams. Dr. Turner lea
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