Chapter Fifteen

“How long until we get there?” I asked.

I sat in the passenger seat of Jacob’s car with my eyelids shut and a smile on my face. All of the nice things he had been doing for me were starting to make me feel like a princess. I loved it, but I was still a little hesitant to get my hopes up completely. With everything I was already dealing with, like trying to find work and get on my own two feet, the last thing that I needed was to get my heart broken.

“A couple of minutes,” he said. “No peeking, though, okay?”

I tried to play detective and figure out what this surprise might be. He had said to dress casual, so I was wearing dark jeans with a white blouse. I'd worn comfortable shoes, even if they weren't truly tennis shoes. I really had no clue what to prepare for, though.

“Can I guess where you’re taking me?” I asked. We'd transitioned from the paved road onto a dirt one, but I wasn't sure where we were yet. “Or is that not allowed?”

“You can try, but you won’t be able to,” he said with
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