Chapter Twenty-Four

Six weeks later…

The sun had set a long time ago when I finally parked my car in front of my apartment. Wearily, I stepped out of the driver’s side door and made my way up the concrete steps that led to the building. My eyes were half closed, as if my body was already anticipating the sleep that it so badly needed.

As soon as I unlocked the door to my place, I noticed that the TV was on in the corner. It was the only light in the room, and it coated the walls with a flickering blue glow. On the couch nearby, was Lauren, my only roommate. She appeared to be sound asleep, with her hands folded underneath her head, using them as a pillow.

Quietly, I closed the front door and locked it before tiptoeing to my bedroom. My bed was tucked in the corner, beckoning me toward it and I didn’t hesitate to oblige. I slipped off my skirt suit and changed into some sweat pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt. Then I crawled under my covers, wrapping myself in a cocoon made out of my blankets.

I’ve been c
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