Damian massaged his forehead slightly, he was tired.

" Should I call the driver to take you home?" Rubby asked, he could also see the tired look In his face, they had been stuck in the office because of a major deal they had to close.

" Yes, I will freshen up and head back to the hospital" he replied with his eyes still on the document he was reading.

" Boss, can I say something?"Rubby asked.

" What is it?" He asked.

" Don't you think it's time you give up?" Rubby asked and he earned a glare from Damian,. " Don't get me wrong boss, she has been in coma for six months now and no sign of her waking up, I think you are fighting a lost cause boss. Think about it".

Damian sighed, " you know Rubby,I can't let her go yet, what if she wakes up tomorrow or even next?. Let's just hang in there for a while".

" Okay boss, people might think you are related to that girl the way you frequent the hospital" Rubby said jokingly.

" I think I pay you too much for you to joke around" Damian replied in a hoarse voice.

" Sorry boss," Rubby said and rushed out of the office.

It was past five in the evening when Damian entered her hospital room. He was dressed in a casual black pants and T shirt, his hair was not styled and look a bit disheveled, giving off a flirty aura, the nurses couldn't help me admire this beautiful creature, he has been coming to the hospital for everyday for six months now and they could ogle at him everyday, they had the patient in the private room to thank for that. He entered her room, the nurse who was cleaning her body excused herself and went out after ogling at him for a minute, man he was gorgeous.

" Am here again miss" he said as she sat beside her, " don't you think you should wake up now?I have spent a lot on you these past few months" he muttered to himself.

He took out his phone and began to check his mails. That was what he did everyday, he would say the same thing to her then work for about an hour and leave, that has been his routine for the past six months.

Amy found herself in an unknown place, everywhere was white and there was no one in sight. She has been sitting in that place for a long time now but today felt a little different. She noticed a figure moving towards her, everything was white so she was finding it hard to make out who it was until the person stood in front of her and she was shocked.

" Mum?" She asked more out of shock

She smiled at her, " I have Missed you my dear" her mum said and touched her cheeks lightly.

" I missed you too mum" Amy replied as tears gathered in her eyes, " what took you so long to come to me mum, I have been in pain" Amy cried.

" Am sorry my dear, am here now to save you"

" How?" She asked in a confused voice.

" You have been sitting here for a long time now, it's time you go back,it's getting cold out here".

" But I like it here mum, it's peaceful" Amy replied.

" When the time is right, you will come here but for now, you have your whole life ahead of you Amy,go and make me proud" with that the figure began to disappear slowly.

"Mum" Amy tried to touch her.

"Go home my dear" she said and completely vanished.

She slowly opened her eyes, everything was white and she felt like she was still with her mum.

"Mum" she muttered almost inaudibly. Damian who was sitting beside her quickly looked up and saw her awake. She looked round the room and everything was different,her eyes set on the man sitting beside her. She was taken aback for a while because the man seated beside her was damn gorgeous. The only man she had seen and was actually gorgeous in her eyes was Delvin but right now, she was seeing an angel in human form.

"Who are you?"she asked,still admiring his beauty.

"I will call the doctor" he said and dashed out, he came almost immediately with the doctor and he went ahead to check her.

"How do you feel now, Miss? The doctor asked.

" I feel okay but I can't feel my legs" she replied and it dawned on her,"why can't I feel my legs doctor?" She asked.

" You are under a lot of pressure, you should rest," Damian said.

"Who are you and why can't I feel my legs?" She asked again.

" I will answer your questions later, just take a rest , okay" Damian said as he sat beside her.

" No, I want to know everything, am I crippled?" She asked as tears fell off her eyes.

" No, you are not okay, I promise you will walk okay, it's just the stress from the accio"Damian replied softly.

" The accident" the words rang in her ears,she slowly remembered everything that happened on that particular day when she was left to die or almost killed by her so-called family.

"Did you save me that day?" She asked, turning to Damian.

" We will talk later, okay, just take some rest, '' he replied. She felt a slight Sting on her hand and everything became blurry. She slowly dozed off to sleep.

"Let talk outside doctor" Damian said in a powerful voice and walked out, the doctor followed suit.

" Is there any way she will be able to walk again?" He asked once outside.

" Physiotherapy can work but it would take time, if she's willing to do it,it would be fine too. She has been in a coma for six months and her whole body is relaxed, therapy can help" he replied as a matter of fact.

" Okay then, get in touch with the best physiotherapist you" he said and walked back inside and sat beside her again.

She woke up a few hours later,this time she was a bit strong, the man was still seated beside her.

" Thank you for saving me Mr" she said sincerely.

" I was waiting for you to wake up and pay me back what I spent on you" he replied but she didn't answer, after a while she spoke up.

" How long has it been?" She asked.

"Six months' 'he replied and she hummed.

Do you think I would be able to walk again?" She asked sadly.

" You will go through physiotherapy if you want, '' he replied.

Just then the door opened and Rubby entered.

" Boss" he greeted as he set the bag he was with on the table. He looked towards her and slightly bowed.

" Did you bring everything I asked for?" Damian asked in an authoritative voice.

" Yes boss," Rubby replied.

" Stay with her for a while" saying that he stood up and walked out.

" Finally you are awake" Rubby said as she sat beside her.

" Thank you for saving me," she muttered.

" You shouldn't thank me, you should thank the big boss, he was always coming here everyday for six months, by the way what happened to you, you were almost dead when we saw you at the foot of that cliff".

She turned her face away, " I don't remember" she Replied after a while.

" I hope you get well soon," he said sincerely.

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