" Damian, dad….dad.." Amy tried to talk but the tears choked her voice. When they arrived at the hospital a while back, the doctor had told them he had a slim chance of survival and since then they've been in the operation theater.

" Calm down Amy, nothing will happen to him okay" he said, hugging her. He hated to see her so vulnerable like this, his heart broke seeing her crying in his embrace like a baby.

" But dad" she couldn't control the tears falling. She has been away from him for four years and now she was about to lose him and his own family was to blame for this.

" Babe, relax okay, remember you are pregnant" he tried to cajole her to stop crying, he was worried about her and his baby too, " come with me" he said and led her to a seat.

" Boss" Rubby said as he quickly walked you to him.

" Jemima, take care of your lady boss, I will be back in a sec".

" Okay boss" Jem replied and watched them walk a few meters away from them.

" I thought I told you to take necessary actions
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