As soon as they boarded their car, Rubby pulled her to a hug. When he heard she was abducted, his whole world came to a standstill, he felt like he had nothing to live for. Before he met her, he was just Damian's assistant who always followed him about but when Jem came into his life, he knew he had found a life partner.

He was very scared a day before as all kinds of thoughts ran through his head knowing the kind of people the Wilson's were but now he was relieved to have her in his arms again. He had never been this happy to see a woman.

" I thought I was never going to see you again," he said, still holding her firmly in his embrace.

Even Jem was scared when they took her but she had to be strong for the people she has backing her,and most of all Rubby who would not allow anything to happen to her.

" I was scared too but I knew you would have come to find me" she replied with her hands firmly on his waist. It has been just a day and she missed him like crazy.

" Don't ever go any
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