" Hubby" Amy called entering her children's room but the sight she saw brought tears of joy to her face. Damian was fast asleep with three of the kids in his arms and he was holding them all equally.

" Awwnn" she said to herself and quickly clicked a picture of the beautiful sight in front of her.

She walked up to them and gently carried each of the babies and placed them in their cribs before waking him up.

" Hubby" she called gently as she tapped him and he slowly opened his eyes.

" Are they sleeping?" He asked, sitting up.

She smiled at his question, the moment he woke up he was asking of his babies,what more could she ask for?.

" Yes hubby, you should get some rest too. You look tired" Amy said as she sat beside him.

" But what if they wake up in the night and start crying?"

She smiled at his cute behavior," did someone forget the door leading from our room to this room already?"

" Oh" he massaged his forehead and smiled, " I was getting worried for nothing then" he added, still s
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