His parents and sisters were seated and chatting in the living room when he entered with Cody, they all watched the game and what happened and they were proud of him.

His father had always wanted him to take over from him and seeing that he already quit E-sport then it could only mean one thing while his mom was genuinely happy that the two were back together, she didn't want her son to experience being miserable ever again.

" Mum, did you notice there is a new flower in the garden and it's blooming already" Teresa said teasingly as the two of them entered and the rest could only laugh at her joke.

" Stop teasing them Teresa or Damian might leave this house and not come back" Amy said laughing as the two walked up to them.

" I am proud of you son"

" Thanks Dad," he answered with a smile.

Soon enough everyone was chatting and laughing and the whole place was lively, it turned out they were more happy that the two were back together and no one cared if he already quit E-sport.

" How do
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