Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the doctors to say something and it was super painful for Teresa, she misunderstood him and now he was in the ICU because of her, something she would never be able to forgive herself for.

" Teresa" Elder Kim called as he walked up to her.

" Yes father" she replied avoiding his gaze, she felt embarrassed to stand in front of him.

" You shouldn't beat yourself up because of what happened, if I was in your position I would have suspected him but you were also wrong to blame him openly.

" I am sorry father" she said in a low tone as another set of tears escaped her eyes.

" It's okay, let's just hope he Is okay".

Just then the operation room opened and a group of doctors filled out and the whole family rushed to them.

" How are my children doctor?" Damian asked almost impatiently, he had never been this apprehensive about anything in his life like he was now.

" The two ladies are perfectly fine" he replied and they all sighed happily as a tear escap
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I hope this ends with grand wedding of Amy and Teresa together and leave the happily ever after

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