37| Trust Me.

The Alpha King remained completely still.

He was too afraid to make the slightest movement in case it brought him back to reality. A reality where Mira and Clove set his Clohe; his mate on fire.

Looking at the smoke that was rising from the ground, his breathing became shallow and his twin hearts beat erratically.

He couldn't understand why Mira and Clove would do such a thing.

The rage had never left his body, but it was currently taking a backseat as he tried to remind himself that a Nightengale Warrior does not harm a female unless he is lost to the darkness entirely.

The lines between light and dark were currently blurred. It was solely up to him to decide whether he was going to allow himself to cross over to the darkness or remain in the light with his dignity still intact.

He begged for a miracle and for the heavens and the Moon Goddess to have compassion on Clohe since she was young and had so much to live for; he desired to be the one to show her the world, the universe, and
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