Chapter Twenty-Eight

“We need to talk.”

I winced and was really glad I wasn't facing my mother when she said it.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned to face her.

“Okay, Mom. I get off of work in about ten minutes.” I checked my watch.

She looked around the empty waiting room and shrugged. “I'll just wait here.” She sat down in one of the plastic chairs and crossed her legs.

At least Donna could keep her company. They were both members of the Ladies' Bridge Club. That had to count for something, right? I tried not to panic as I finished restocking the rooms and making sure that everything was set for the night.

We'd managed to have a small amount of patients today. Apparently, people liked getting healthcare in town rather than driving forty minutes and having to redo paperwork. It wasn't fast enough, though. Dr. Taggert wasn't pleased. He was more than ready to kick Jacob and I to the curb to save his beloved clinic.

It made my heart hurt, but I understood it. It was just business.

I sighed, trying not
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Your parents love you and your baby dad

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