BBA: Chapter Twelve


The next few days after signing the contract were an absolute blur for Emma.

She quit her job. Movers came and boxed up everything she owned. She told her landlord she was moving. And suddenly she was living in Jackson’s apartment building.

She had an apartment two floors below Jackson’s penthouse suite. Her apartment was much, much, much smaller than Jackson’s, but that was fine. It was for her, anyway. Not the two of them.

The movers put her furniture and clothing into the apartment almost exactly the way she’d had her old apartment set up. The only real difference was that now she had a much better view.

She was reorganizing her dishes when there came a knock on the door. She opened it, thinking it was the movers.

“You really should be more careful who you open the door to,” Jackson teased. He stood in the hallway with fresh flowers as he leaned against the door frame looking cocky and sexy.

“I shouldn’t let you in?” she asked, reaching for the flowers.

“You should let me in,”
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