Chapter Twenty Six

After the negotiations were completed, I headed back upstairs. I opened the door when a strange smell wafted out hitting my nose. What is that? I pulled my shirt over my face as I went in. Delmor and Hector were out cold on the floor. I ran past them into our bedroom. The bed was empty. "Aura!" I screamed as I started choking on the stench. "Aura, where are you! Goddess, please answer me!" Nothing, not a sound. I ran through each room, she isn't there. I had almost reached the door when the stench overtook me, the last thing I saw was the floor coming at me.

I woke up to the sound of machines beeping. Where am I? Am I in the hospital? It all came flooding back, "Aura!" I screamed, as the doctor and a couple of nurses came running into the room.

"Alpha, please calm down." Doctor Horace said trying to stop me from taking off to find her. "She is fine. She is downstairs eating, she has to keep her strength up for the babies."

"No, she's gone! They took her! They fucking took her!" I tr
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