Chapter Thirty Two

Aura POV

“If we can find the way to harness your powers, this war can end swiftly.” Valerie was still looking through the pages, we had been sitting here for hours.

I couldn’t help feeling tired. My body was changing so much as the twins grew. I needed more rest but I knew I had to do this, I want my Alpha back by my side. As the night shifted to day, then became dark once more, I tried to think of ways to use my abilities without causing myself to sleep for days after.

“Your Majesty, you need to rest,” Valerie’s face reflected my own internal worry. “The twins need you to be healthy.”

I nodded in agreement, “Aura rest.” I watched her expression. I lay my head gently on the blanket. At least I could rest for my pups. I don’t remember falling asleep. I dreamed of a beautiful woman, she had long white hair which matched the color of the moon, and her eyes were as blue as pools of water. She wore a long light blue gown that reminded me of something the Romans would have worn. She was
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