Chapter 2


Getting out of my Ford Bronco, I take a deep breath in. I stretch my arms and look around.

The air, the palm trees, the people. I’m glad to be back. The Ball in Phoenix was great, but I’d take the big, blue ocean any day.

The three day ride of silence was good too until it wasn’t.

The passenger side door of my truck closes and I turn around. Adrian, my protector, stands stiff as a board. His chest is puffed out and he eyes everyone suspiciously.

He’s a good protector, but he doesn’t talk.

Really. He makes Bear look like a chatterbox.

“You doing Ok, Adrian?” I smile at him.

He turns his head to me and motions his head in a nod.

I walk to my backseat. My eye catches a group of girls in barely anything, walking past the tower. I nonchalantly watch them as they pass and the corner of my lips tip up.

I get a flash of when I was last here. No. We’re here to work, Pete.

As I grab my bag and walk around the truck, my brain remembers the huge mistake I made before I left.

I had a bit too much to drink and ended up in bed with Titus' sister. That really wasn’t the mistake. I needed the release and she was damn good.

The mistake was she’s the sister of the Zeta Alpha here in Atlas. When Titus showed up in the morning, I swan dived from her balcony.

Seriously dumb mistake. Not only could Titus feed me to the barracuda, but the relations between Phoenix and Atlas could have been in serious trouble. Bastian's still trying to sign the Alliance and my moment of weakness almost fucked it all up.

It won’t happen again.

I walk into the front lobby of the tower with Adrian walking behind me looking like a human CIA agent.

As I enter, I see Titus walking my way with his five hot sisters behind him.


I turn and try to not make eye contact as I bee line it to the elevators.



I put on my most polite smile and turn. “Titus! Listen, thanks for allowing me to come back.” I hold out my hand to him as I approach.

He stands with his chest puffed out and his hands behind his back. “I assume this visit won’t be short.”

I chuckle nervously as I lower my hand. “It depends on if I find what I’m looking for.”

My eyes flick to the five sets of beautiful blue eyes behind him. My eyes catch Anastasias and she give me a seductive smile. I immediately turn my gaze to a pair of big, blue eyes in the back. A tiny thing. My wolf perks as I start to lock with them. Her long lashes blink which brings me to my senses and I focus on Titus.

He eyes me. “I trust you’ll need your room?”

“If you don’t mind.” I say.

“Right.” He barks. “Well, if you need anything, just call me.”

I smile. “Thanks.” I stand to the side as Titus struts by with his absolutely mouth watering sisters filing into a line behind him. Each one gives me a very dangerous smile as they pass. I smile back.

When I got to Lana, I saw her soft, young baby face flush with a light pink color. Her eyes locked with mine again as she tucked her hair behind her ear. I realized that I was getting lost in her ocean blue eyes and time slowed as she passed. The tiniest of smiles passed across her full, pink, pouty lips.

Once she was by me, I snapped out of it.

No way, Pete. We said we’re here to work not get distracted by the pretty smiles and fine asses. Especially, Lana. She’s way too young.

I give a quick turn to where they walked off too.

But damn…

I turn back and quickly adjust the semi that developed in my shorts.

I turn to Adrian. “Come on. I want to unpack before I start the search.”

Adrian just stands there looking past me with his chin up.

I shake my head and move to the elevators.

My head is filled with legs, revealing shirts, eyes and thighs. It doesn’t help that I’ve landed myself in seduction city with everyone in this city barely dressed. So to say I’m struggling is an understatement.

It’s not that I don’t like sex, I do. It’s just I’m a monk compared to the other guys. I prefer to date responsibly. Real relationships instead of hookups.

Anastasia was a one off. A moment of weakness on my part. I don’t know. She just had this way of making me do things I would never do. Like jump from a balcony to save my neck. That’s not me. Never. Peter Castile doesn’t do that. Ever!

I chalk it up to the salt air and atmosphere. Atlas and it’s tropical island feel got to me. It won’t get me again.

I’m pouring over maps and notes spread out over the coffee table in the living room of the two bedroom apartment Titus gave me and Adrian.

I have a few places I want to scope out for the second piece to Eternity’s prison.

A cave behind a waterfall just up the volcano is my first stop. Then there’s a shipwreck on the east side beach and a set of ruins just off the coast. All of these places seem like great places to stash a weird, glowing piece of iron. I also have some other spots in the back of my mind if those don’t pan out.

I just hope I find the piece soon before this place infects me.

Adrian is standing in the room like a bodyguard with his hands clasped at his thighs.

“What do you think, Adrian? These look like good places?” I look at him and he doesn’t move or say a word.

I lean back slightly with a smile. “You must be so fun at parties.”

He arches a brow and shakes his head. He turns and walks into his room.

I shake my head and turn back to my mission.

I rub the back of neck as a soft knock comes from the front door.

I get up and answer it.

Instantly, I’m hit with the smell of tropical flowers. Lana is standing at the door. Her scent seems to swirl around me. It must be her body wash.

“Hi.” She chirps with a toothy smile.

“Hello.” My eyes travel up and down her tiny, young body. “Can I do something for you?” I give a small smile as I try to keep my eyes from fixating on the peak of cleavage she has at the top of her flower tube top.

She shuffles her feet with her hands behind her back. “Yeah…um…there’s a party…like a luau. Tonight. In the towers Beach bar. I was wondering if you wanted to go.”

A party? At a beach bar? Hmmm.

I shake my head. “Thank you, but I have a ton of work to do.”

She almost looks disappointed. “Oh. OK. Well, it’s on the main floor behind the tower if you change your mind.” She gives another toothy grin.

I smile back. “Thanks.”

“Bye!” She chirps again with a little wave. She turns and bounces down the halls on her toes.

I lean out and see the bottom of her tiny, frilly skirt sway behind her as she walks.


I close the door and walk back to the couch. I sink into it and get back to work. As much as I’d love to kick back and act like I’m on vacation, I’m not. People are counting on me and I can’t let them down.

After a few hours of staring at paper, I stretch my arms and back.

I look out the window and it’s dark out.

I look at my work and think. I really can’t do anything more right now and a beer sounds really good.

I go to my room and change my shirt to a thin, white button down. I keep it untucked from my cargo shorts and leave the top buttons open. It’s night, but it’s still mega hot here. Not desert hot, but still. I slip on my sandals and check my blonde hair in the mirror. Running my fingers through it several times. My blue eyes look tired, but whatever. I’m just popping down for a beer or two and that’s it.

I walk to Adrian’s room and open the door. “Hey, Adrian, I’m headed downstairs to the bar. Want to come?”

He’s sitting on his bed with his feet crossed. He’s reading a spell book for beginners.

He doesn’t look at me and waves his hand to me telling me to go.

I nod and shut the door. “Okay then.”

I head down to the back of the tower. This half of the tower was rocking with people walking back to rooms or joining others for the party.

I can hear the music in the halls. I get a real reggae vibe from this.

As I pass through the tower doors to the bar in the back, my eyes light up. It’s busy with alcohol flowing easily. People are dancing and grinding to the music on a dancefloor.

The roof is a fake grass roof with lights all over it. It’s open to the air with a railing around the whole place.

It opens to a sand beach. There’s bed like loungers in the sand. People are sitting, laying on them.

Everyone here is so young looking. I feel so fucking old right now, but I’m here for a drink so I might as well enjoy it.

I slide up to the bar and order a beer. The bartenders places it in front of me and I toss him a ten.

I tip it back as I look around. Bikinis and tiny shorts are everywhere. There’s more males here than on any of the beaches. My guess is they know this is where the Atlas girls are at night and will give them the most attention. It makes me chuckle as I watch them try to hunt.

I find a table next to a small part of the dancefloor across from the bar.

Kicking back in a seat, I cross my leg and lean on the bamboo railing. I sip my beer as I start getting comfortable with the place.

A few girls smile at me as they pass and I smile back as I bring my bottle to my lips.

The Dj starts to play ‘Get Down Deh' by Sean Paul and Shaggy. It’s a good song. The bar cheers as the crowd slowly moves up and down in waves as they grind with their partners.

I sit back and sip my beer. My toe bouncing to the beat. Smiling at the floor.

My eyes move to the bar. I stop in mid sip as I watch Lana jump on the bar.

The crowd cheers.

She’s wearing a very tiny, teal bikini top and small Jean shorts with the button undone. My hand with my bottle lowers slowly as my brows stitch up and my jaw falls.

She starts grinding and belly dancing on the bar with her arms above her head. Moving them through the air seductively to the beat.

Her hips sway and turn as she wiggles in a circle. Her tiny ass bouncing.

My heart speeds up and I start to sweat as I lean forward, leaning on my knees. I feel a slight purr with a bit of growl come from my ribs.

I swallow as I watch her hips sway. I lick my lips at the sight of her golden tanned, flawless skin. My eyes are hypnotized by her dolphin belly button ring and the slow sway of her soft stomach.

Her eyes are closed as her cheek rests on her arm. I feel my mouth water at the sight of her long neck and editable jawline.

I feel my body start to sway with hers. I’m totally locked on her body.

She slowly turns again and a bunch of guys yell. They pop a bottle of what looks like champagne.

They shake it up and spray it her with a “WOOO! YEAH!”

My wolf sits up and so do I with concern.

Lana is laughing and squealing as she’s coated in alcohol. Trying to block the sprays.

I watch as the champagne drips down her wet skin. Between her laugh, smile and body moves, I’m sporting the biggest hard on I’ve ever had in my life. Thank God my shirt is loose and long.

“Lana! Damnit! Get Down! Jesus. Every fucking time you do that, these animals lose their shit. Get Down!” The bartender yells, dropping a box of beer on the bar.

“Alright, Sal. Geez.” She says as she jumps down.

The crowd boos and jeers at him.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He angrily waves them down.

I decide I better book it before she finds me.

By the time I get home, I’m so heated, I can’t concentrate on work.

Maybe a shower will calm me down.

In the shower, Lana’s body sways in my mind relentlessly. My dick is throbbing it’s so hard. It’s not going down unless I make it.

Putting soap in my hand, I wrap my fingers around my shaft and start to beat Lana out of my head.

As I stroke myself hard and fast, images of me slamming her tiny body down in the wave covered sand, fill my brain.

Filling her tiny pussy with my girth. Hearing her screams fill the ocean air.

I think about licking the alcohol off her neck and kissing her soft lips.

I’m bracing myself on the wall with one hand as my other strokes my dick hard. I’m breathing so hard my chest hurts.

Lana is bent over in my head. Sand coated ass in the air. My dick buried deep inside her. I’m holding her hair as she screams my name.

I feel my abs tighten and my balls pull up.

“Oh, fuck!” I grind as I feel my orgasm crash like a tidal wave. My come shoots out onto the floor of the shower. I growl out my climax probably a little louder than I wanted.

I put my soap covered hand on the wall next to the other one. Panting and letting the water hit the back of my head.

“Jesus.” I breathe.

Never in my life have I ever needed to beat off to a girl so badly. What the hell is happening to me?

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