Chapter 15


“I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS!!” Peter stands in front of me pacing, throwing his arms around.

I cringe as he yells. “I wanted to surprise you…”

“SURPRISE ME?! THIS IS TOO CRAZY! EVEN FOR YOU, LANA! TITUS IS GOING TO TEAR ME APART!!” His face is beat red. I’ve never seen him so angry.

“Titus isn’t here yet, so let’s just enjoy the fact I’m here.” I give a small, nervous smile.

He bites his top lip and pushes his chin out. He points in my face. “The only thing you’re doing, little girl, is staying right the fuck here. In this spot. Do not move a single…muscle.” He leans to me and glares into my eyes. Pointing to the spot on the floor I’m standing on.

I give him an innocent look that sometimes works on Titus. “Not even a tiny muscle.” I hold up my fingers with a small space between the tips.

“LANA!!” Peter growls, turns around and throws up his hands. “Stay here. I need to make arrangements for the helicopter to take you home.”

He stomps across his floor to the door.

“Peter! I don’t want to go home.” I whine as I turn around.

He puts his hand on the door handle and looks at me. “I SAID DON’T MOVE!!”

“Peter…” I flop my arms to my side.

“EH! I MEAN IT!!” He growls.

I huff and cross my arms with a scowl.

He opens the door and Darcy, Mateo and Brody fall into the office. Tripping on themselves.

It made me giggle. Peter shoots me a look and I avoid his eyes.

They straighten up. “Uh…Hey. We’re all ready to go if you are.” Darcy flashes a smile at me and gives a little wave.

Brody smirks. “Unless you need some more time to…you know…make up.”

“No. We’re done here. I have to give a flight request to fly Lana home after we get dropped off at Falcon Ridge.” He scowls.

“Why so quick? You could at least give her a quick tour.” Darcy suggests.

“That’s a good idea.” I smile.

“It’s a horrible idea.” Peter grumbles. “You’re going home!”

He pushes past the guys and leaves.

I fold my arms. “Damn it.” I mumble.


We’re flying high over the desert and I’m so excited because one, I’m in a flipping helicopter and two, I’m in the desert.

I’ve never been anywhere. This is so exciting. Even if I do have to go home, I'll remember this adventure forever.

I lean over Peter and look out the window at the trees, rocks and lakes. “Wow!” My eyes are everywhere.

“Lana…Lana…sit down.” Peter says as he arches back.

I sit down. “I’m sorry. I’m excited. This is the first time I’ve been outside Atlas and I want to see everything.

Peter arches his brow. “There’s not much to see.”

My brows shoot up. “Are you kidding? The whole place is so beautiful! Even the animals are different. You really need to take some time to appreciate it.”

“The only thing I need to do is come up with the right excuse as to why you followed me home.” Peter sighs.

“You won’t get in trouble, Peter. I’ll tell Titus it was my idea and he’ll ground me for a million years.” I shrug. “I’ll be locked in the tower. Alone, cold and starving…” I pout and turn to him.

“You’ll hardly be starving, Lana.” He tilts his head to me.

“No…but I’ll be cold and alone. Never to see the light of day again. I’ll be a princess…locked away from the world by her mean and evil brother.” I look down to my lap as I lay it on thick. My eyes flick to Peters eyes in quick spurts.

“I know what you’re doing. It won’t work.” He sits straight and folds his arms.

Light snickers come from Mateo, Brody and Darcy.

I stick out my bottom lip. “Never to feel the sun on my face or dip my toes in the ocean. I won’t even be allowed to hunt for shells. Just sit in my room, day in and day out. Playing X box, withering away, wishing I was with someone fun and exciting and smart…” I lean on his shoulder as I lay it on even thicker.

He looks down at me and I give him major puppy eyes.

“Awe…Come on, Pete. Look at the eyes.” Brody holds his hand out to me.

Mateo shakes his head. “Don’t do it, man."

He looks down at me. “ Locked up for million years with no excitement.” I say quiet. “In a city that never dies.” I bat my eyelashes.

Darcy leans back. “Fuck. Ok, sweetheart. Whatever you want. Come on, Pete. Don’t make the poor girl beg.” Darcy shakes his head.

“Ugh…fine! A few hours. I’ll show you around and that’s it!” He grinds.

I sit and bounce in my seat. “Yay!” I shake his arm. “Thank you!”

“You’re going to end me, you know that.” He shakes his head.

“Quit worrying. Titus shouldn’t be here for at least a week. It’ll take him that long to figure out I’m not in the city. ” I say with a grin.

“Lana you’re not staying here for a week. A few extra hours then back home.” He points to me.

“What’s that?!” I point out the window.

“That’s Falcon Ridge.” Peter informs.

“It’s huge!” I say as I scoot closer to the window. “What are they doing?” I point to a bunch of people in a field.

Peter looks. “Training for battles.”

“I want to do that!” I turn to Peter.

He shakes his head. “No. Absolutely not.”

“Why? I can fight.” I pout again.

“Ugh, Lana. Don’t get attached. You’re not here for a visit.” He scowls.

“We'll see.” I smile at him.


We meet up with the other Phoenix Alphas and their Lunas.

“Zander.” A big Alpha with long, blonde hair approaches us.

“Bastian. Hope everything is well.” Zander arches a brow.

“Yes. Everything is as you left it.” Bastian chuckles. “Come. The cars are waiting.”

We were led to limos and get in.

“When does the tour start?” I whisper to Peter.

“I have a council meeting. After that, we’ll go sight seeing.” He whispers back.

I smile and look out the windows at the city as we drive by.

We stop and all get out.

The fourteen of us walk up the steps if a very official looking building. We walk through a big echoing hall to a set of huge wooden doors. Bastian opens the doors and we walk into a huge council room.

The table for the Alphas is in the middle of the room. To the left is a room with women in it. On the right is a room with men in it and I look to the right of us by the door and there’s a sitting area with a bunch of big men sitting on the couches.

“HEY!!” The men on the couch yell as we walk in.

Peter and the rest of our Alphas all say hey back and wave.

The room instantly booms with loud voices.

Peters shaking hands and smiling. I’m hiding behind him.

“What do you mean that’s his mate too?”

I turn to the loud voice. It’s a blonde guy talking with another blonde guy with two girls on either side of him.

“Look, Mica. It’s not as weird as you think.”

“Oh, it’s freaking weird, Jake.” Mica says. “Taylor, how could you allow this!”

“Ugh, Mica. I understand that Jake possess two wolves and each wolf has needs, alright. I can’t deny Riker his fated mate.” I’m guessing she must be some sort of friend.

“How can you both share one mate?! This is ridiculous!” Mica throws up his hands.

Or not! I know how the mating thing works, but I never knew you could have two mates.

“We don’t share. Not all the time.” Taylor says.

“Oh my God! I’m not hearing this!” Mica walks away and Taylor follows him.

Peter is standing with Bastian and Zander. There’s also an Alpha named Luke, Darcy and one named Grey.

Peter crosses his arms. “I honestly don’t know how a blonde, brunette and red head fit in to all this.”

Luke goes to talk, but Darcy interrupts him. “Sounds like a start to a fantastic Friday night.” He grins a seductive smile, bouncing his brows.

We all look at him.

Luke scowls at him.

Darcy furrows his brow. “What?”

“I was going to say that!” Luke growls.

Darcy smiles and smacks his arm, slapping his black leather. “Hey, great minds think alike.” He pretends to clean off the shoulder of his untucked white button down.

Luke grins. “Yeah, ok.” They fist bump and Luke throws an arm around Darcy’s neck, pointing his water bottle at him “Hey, you hear the one about the two blondes and the donkey?...” They walk off.

I shake my head.

Grey puts his hands on his hips. “OK. So, what do you think it all means?”

We’re rejoined by Darcy and Luke. Also, Mica and one tall light brown haired Alpha.

“Yeah. We want to know why you’re having visions of our mates!” The tall guy growls lightly.

Peter shakes his head. “It’s not like I can control what I see, Jayson. Besides, I saw them kicking your asses, not naked.”

“You think we want you seeing that?” Luke scowls.

“Everyone knows Alexi smashed your ass into the pavement, Luke. It’s no secret.” Mica snorts.

“Uh, whose mate used him like a fucking pin cushion? At least mine didn’t fill me full of holes.” Luke crosses his arms and arches a brow.

Mica narrows his eyes, leans into the circle and points at Luke. “Hey! I told you! Those were holes of love, ok.”

“Yeah, ok.” Luke snorts and shakes his head.

“Alright!” Bastian raises his hand. The Alphas take neutral corners. “We need to figure this out.”

“Maybe it’s the packs. Red Rock, Black Lake and Morgan.” Grey supplies.

Peter shakes his head. “It felt like it was about these woman. Either who they are or somethinf on their lives?.”

“Ok.” Luke says. “Lets ask.” He looks around the crowded room. Putting a hand to the side of his mouth, he booms across the room. “HEY, BABE!!” He waves his hand to come to us.

A tall woman with fire red hair joins us. She’s beautiful. “Alpha? What’s going on?”

Her accent is beautiful too. I’ve never heard anything like it before.

“Alexi. Is there anything you can remember that may have seemed weird or out of place? Like an object?” Bastian asks.

Alexi thinks. “I can’t say I can, but my father has a private vault for his most treasured possessions in Deruse.”

Peter thinks. “It may be in there.”

Zander nods. “It’s worth a shot.”

“One problem.” Bastian says. “The Dragons and Lycans have taking over the area. Defuse is smack dab in the middle of it.”

Grey folds his arms. “Ok, so we fight our way in, get the piece and get out.”

“That’s a sound plan, Alpha, but there’s another problem.” Alexi says. “Unless one of you is a safe cracker, we won’t get into the vault.”

Darcy smiles. “I think we can take care of that.” He leans outside the circle and pulls in an attractive brunette woman.

He holds her hand up in his, high in the air. Acting like he’s on stage presenting her. “This…” He spins her around. “Is my beautiful mate, Sam.” He flashes a charming smile. “Not only…is she absolutely…drop…dead…gorgeous…” He leans into the circle and grins. “But she comes with a trick.” He winks, throwing a finger out and pulling it back.

He leans back. He motions his free hand to Sam. “Kitten…if you could.” He smiles again.

Sam puffs out in a cloud of black smoke and puffs back in beside Peter. It scared me. I didn’t know a Raven was here. I hid a bit behind Peter.

The Alphas all drop their jaws.

“Holy fuck!” A few say. “What the hell?”

“Where can I get one of those?” Luke’s brows go up. Alexi scowls and smacks his head. “OW!” He looks at her. “Not for that! Geez, you have a naughty brain.” He scowls back. “For helping me find my keys or something.”

She gives him a snarky look and crosses her arms, shaking her head.

Sam smiles and ruffles Peters hair.

“Hey! I hate it when you do that!” He growls, fixing it.

Darcy waves to her. “Ok, kitten. Come back.”

She puffs out and puffs back to Darcy’s hand. Darcy kisses the back of her hand and preens with a showboat smile.

“I just need blueprints to see where I’m going.” Sam says.

Alexi nods. “I can see what I can do.”

Jayson looks around the circle. “What about Black Lake? I know Sarah doesn’t have any family secrets and Black Lake has barely anything in it.”

We all sat in silence.

“The sports center.” Luke says.

“What?” Jayson arches a brow.

“Yeah, I mean. We never use it, so it has to be good for something right?” He smiles.

“Ok.” Bastian agrees. “What about Morgan?”

Mica looks at us. “I have no clue. Hartlyns dad may have a secret stash of stuff, but I doubt it. He’s living up the mountain now. ‘Life of solitude’ he says. Doesn’t seem like he’s keeping some weird cosmic object.”

Bastian nods. “Well, it’s going to take some time to prepare for the attack on Deruse, so we’ll focus on that. Morgan can come later.”

Zander claps his back. “Ok. Well, we'll get situated and help where we can.”

“Grey, can you find rooms for those who want to stay on property?” Bastian asks.

“Sure thing. Couples will have a tight fit. Not much in the way of mate rooms left.” Grey looks around.

Darcy chuckles and points at Grey. “Uh…no.” He grabs Sam’s hand. “We’ll be finding a room with a hot tub and plenty of champagne. See ya!” He salutes us and leaves with Sam in tow.

Zander claps his hands together. “Alright. Let’s get unpacked and meet back here to find this third piece.”

We all file out of the council room.

“You going to show me around now?” I bounce on my toes beside Peter.

“Quickly. I’ve got a mountain of things to do.” He says.

“Well, if you need to work, I can find someone else to do it…” I thumb over my shoulder.

“No!” He says, abruptly. “I mean…I need to keep an eye on you.”

“Oh, OK.” We walk to the sidewalk. “Where to first, Mr. Tour guide?” I smile at him and he rubs the back of his neck.

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