The Capture

"I wasn't smiling."

"Are you calling me a liar then?" I raised a brow, my eyes fixated on her even when she would not look at me.

"I didn't say so. I was just. . ." Then she trailed off. Apparently, she was lost for words.

"Let her be, son. Continue with the interrogation." My father's deep voice sliced through the silence and I rolled my eyes secretly. Of course, he would speak up for her. I was sure he was not enjoying this as much as I was. He felt bad for her.

However, I continued with my speech, slowly pacing around the kneeling figures.

"I'm sure you must have heard about the news, seeing how it is all over the pack and on the lips of every pack member." I paused, making sure to stare at their faces one by one. "I'm pretty sure you are overjoyed with the news. After all, your friend and son escaped death."

"A death he was sentenced to unlawfully, if I may add." Andrew pipped in and gasps filled the room. Apparently, everyone was surprised at his boldness.

But I smiled, glad at
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