Full Moon Transformation

Aiden's Pov

I tried to take another step forward but this time, I felt a sharp pain by the side of my tummy and I gasped, dropping to the hard floor as I placed my palm on the affected area and groaned a bit.

The pain was starting to get unbearable and I bit my lips hard, trying to stop myself from screaming my lungs out. The movement within me was like a turbulent wave and it sent me writhing in pain.

"Aiden!" I heard the panicky voice of Nicole and in no time, she was by my side, rushing to help me out.

"What's wrong? Why did you get out of bed?" She asked as she dropped to her knees beside me.

I tried to reply but a whimper escaped my lips and I shut my eyes tightly, groaning in pain.

"What's wrong, Aiden?" Her voice was shaky. She had now placed my head on her lap and was cradling me to her bosom, placing little kisses on my head.

Normally, I would have found that surprising but currently, I found comfort in her actions. Not that my pain had reduced in any way, but knowing that
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