Consoling Alpha Velvet

Aiden was starting to feel discouraged after running for a while without any sight of the alpha.

He had no idea if he had followed the exact path she had taken but he had seen some paw prints on the wet ground and had simply followed. But currently, he was beginning to doubt if those paws belonged to the alpha.

Wiping the sweat that had now creased his brow, he sighed heavily, wondering if he should just return or continue his search. Would she even want to see him?

After listening to Kunata say shit about him, he was not so confident about the Alpha's feelings for him anymore. Though she had not said anything bad about him — except that she would kill him if he turned out to be an enemy; his heart was still hurt by those words — Aiden didn't know how she was feeling inside.

Was she beginning to have some second thoughts about him? Would she listen to Kunata and send him out of the pack? Or would she let him stay but withdraw herself from him?

Surprisingly, he didn't like the sound
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