*Night Scars Pack*

Alpha Velvet and the couple were having their breakfast in the only refectory room in the entire pack.

The state of her pack had always bothered her but now that she had decided to surrender to Alpha Kappa, she was sure something would be done about it.

The Moon Stone pack were wealthy people so if they were going to be a sub pack under them, then it was Alpha Kappa's responsibility to take care of them.

But then again, Alpha Velvet thought, what if the Moon Stone pack left them to their fate, probably issuing back-breaking taxes on them and forcing them to work more than usual? What if she was only selling her pack to hardship?

So many thoughts were flooding into her head and Alpha Velvet didn't know what else to think. She was fed up with this predicament and she didn't know what to do to lead her pack out of this mess.

The pack members were counting on her to make the best decision and she was sure they would surely follow her without opposition if she a
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