Chapter 02_ At A Bar.

A week after the incident which she had seen that day, every other man who came to woo her or flirt with her always seems so stupid, daft, and never met her standards.

This wasn't a time to start choosing right now, due to her limited time on Earth, but one way or the other, Alyssa always found an excuse to push them all away.

Tired and confused, she lifted herself from her bed feeling restless and unimaginably unsatisfied, and what the hell could satisfy her she had no clue. Frustrated, she picked up her cell phone and dialed her aunt's number

" Alyssa, sweetheart, it's been so long since you called last "she heard her aunt Judy's voice, and immediately she sneered

" Such great pretense" she muttered to herself silently on the phone. " dear are you there? " Her stupid, desperate aunt asked her even though her voice, it was so simple for her to figure out that she was so pretending to love and care for her.

Her property and wealth are all she wants from her she was never going to give in to her aunt's wishes. But now, what's the use, she would die anytime and her voracious aunt would take over her company and wealth.

Unknowingly, a tear fell down her eyes at that moment as she recalled how her parents died. Then she was just too young, but they both left her.

" I'm fine aunty, would be coming over to Italy this weekend to stay for a bit, I wish to see you all " Alyssa said after a long moment of silence.

No, she wasn't going there just to see her aunt and her children, but to further let her know that soon her own company which she had worked so difficultly in developing would become her aunt's. She wasn't going to leave the company like that, so maybe her selfish aunt should just have it instead.

As she recollected how she was being treated as a teenager by her aunt, her small hands turned into fists, and deep resentment began replenishing in her heart again. And what about her love life, who would love a woman who would die in some months' time. She just needed a man who doesn't give back love and affection, a man who would never give a damn when she finally dies and leaves this world on her own.

" Aunty, what is the matter, Are you crying," Alyssa asked not even a bit stunned at the drama her aunt was going to play in the next few seconds, and goddess she was right.

" I'm so sorry dear. I feel so remorseful to even talk to you again, am sorry for all that I did to you then, I never showed you a bit of love and made you suffer so much under my roof. Can you ever find a place in your heart to forgive me? I'm willing to become a real aunt again to you, I'm willing to change" Alyssa scoffed hearing her aunt say all this.

" Was she perhaps aware of her death soon, or maybe just acting again? " She questioned herself speechless.

Truly, her acting skills had increased so much, that it was unimaginably beginning to surprise her so much, anyone who stood beside her while she was talking to her aunt would believe her aunt truly meant what she just said, but hell no, after all, she's been through she wasn't ever gonna fall for it, she would be the last person on Earth her Aunt would deceive.

Becoming more interested to know exactly why her Aunt kept on reacting this way, she decided to go visit her soon than she'd expected.

" Dad is dead now, and I'm your new boss " a deep male voice stated sitting on a super long expensive couch with a glass of vodka on the table. He had a cigarette in his left hand, while the packet lay on top of a glass table in the middle of the sitting room.

Alex gave him a questioning look," dad just died, and this is all you could probably talk about, is this how you wanna lead the mafia family? "He questioned his half-brother, anger written all over his face. Surprisingly Tony his half-brother laughed hard making funny faces. " As if you also ever cared about him, all you do is act like his puppet, he never for once cared about you, and that's why you'll remain the illegitimate child, of the lowest rank here doing all the dirty works instead". Just hearing those words increased his anger to the extreme, but luckily and just in time he was able to control his anger.

" I'm the boss now, and you'll only remain a legal adviser here, you think being smart is all that matters right? You haven't gotten further with being smart, have you? " Tony asked trying to provoke him to do something stupid, but Alex would never fall for it.

His eyes turned red immediately, taking a look at his stupid brother sitting like the boss just in his presence " isn't he the older one, and yet their father chose to make his half-brother the boss after his death, ". He had been the one doing all the dirty jobs, and luckily, he never came back without getting the jobs done, or infusing fear in their enemy. " And that's why you would never be the boss of me Tony Antonio Civella" Alex made this Statement by calling his half-brother's full name.

He just had a long and stressful time back in the US taking care of the jobs assigned to him, only to get information that their father was dead, and rushing back to Italy, his brother had been made boss. The Civella Mafia family would crumble into pieces if Tony is to become the boss and he was sure their father was aware of this.

" Ciro, Johnny, get my things back into the car, and this time I'm leaving for good first thing tomorrow morning, trust me, I wouldn't be coming back, from afar I'll watch this family granulate bit by bit under your leadership" Alex stated with a damn serious face, while his brother only scoffed smoking his cigarette with full joy.

Tony remained silent for a while, without uttering any word, but only kept on smoking and sipping from his vodka, becoming half-drunk already " and do you think I care one bit Alex Ronnie Civella? " He lifted his hands towards Ciro and Johnny " escort him out, he isn't of 2use anymore"

Alex scoffed, and without uttering a word, he turned around to leave, the sound of his long shoes echoed as he walked out of the sitting room.

He got into his car and fiercely sped out of the estate, his mind clouded with different things which made him angry. He kept on scoffing, hitting the horn of his car unnecessarily and heightening the speed of his car as he stepped on the accelerator. His phone began ringing, he glanced towards the screen to check the caller. A name boldly written _ MJ contracted woman _ appeared on the screen

Alex sped up his car once he hit the highways, his finger gripped the wheels so hard that his knuckles turned red " That bloody bastard" Alex shouted this out within the confine of his mind.

Finally, he halted, jamming both of his feet on the breaks, he halted close to a bar. He took a while to relieve the tension a bit in his car and when he couldn't succeed, he got down and hurried into his bar.

Crouching against the counter, Alex decided to get something stronger than his Normal Pina colada or average vodka. First, he looked behind him after dropping his phone. He could feel and see the monitoring eyes of the men his brother had sent to kill him, and taking a good look at them, they were amateur. They weren't even doing a great job following him around, even a fool would notice their existence.

With a request for his vodka to be extra strong, he ordered three glasses of the strongest vodka. In less than a minute, three glasses were neatly placed in front of him _ the first one went straight into his mouth immediately, same with the second and third _. "Three more glasses " he ordered again, requesting to make it stronger than the first as he wasn't even feeling tipsy after taking the first three.

Alex's head snapped to his right, and he saw a woman sitting next to him, looking so deliciously tempting in her black exposing top and short skirt. She was not looking directly at him, but she kept staring at her glass in an intoxicated state acting all childish while talking to herself.

And getting tired of drinking, he decided to go out and take proper care of the novices his brother had brought to keep an eye on him, as the urge to kill filled up his entire mind right away.

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