A Reason

" What is it little lamb?, You called so quick and right now I'm out of patience" Alex voice sounded cold and extremely harsh while Alyssa could clearly hear him panting slowly, she could hear how so loud his breathing was and it made her wonder what he was up to.

She wanted to speak up,but she found herself saying absolutely nothing. It was like a big lump had suddenly grown in her throat or a huge chunk of food was stuck there stopping her from uttering a single word. Worst of all,was the fact that she had no fucking reason for calling him and she feared he might lash at her any moment if she continued with her silence.

Alyssa's heart leaped so much when she heard the loud sound of a gun being shot thrice and the screams of a man, no two men while still on the phone. She widened her eyes so much that her phone neatly dropped from her shaking hands. There again, there again was the innocent Alyssa which had actually found its way back to her already _ was she nuts to have been avoiding this Alyssa all along, a version of who she really is and wanting to become someone else.

Just few hours ago, she was sure she had been a completely different person, the way she spoke to a fucking dangerous mafia without the fear of getting her brain busted by a damn bullet made her wander just where the hell did that brave and bold Alyssa come from.

Surprisingly she had loved it, that whole new Alyssa, she had so much love it when it appeared to her, at least for the first time,even though it was only for a short period she felt like a whole new person because of him.

" Little lamb, you're silent, are you probably afraid?" Alex asked, his voice sounded like he was making mockery of her, like he knew the change in her wasn't gonna last. His cold voice sounded intimidating that Alyssa had to close her eyes and bite her lower lip for support in order to calm the embarrassment she felt that moment even though he wasn't standing right in front of her.

" I'm not scared"Alyssa's voice wasn't even calm or straight forward, one could tell she held her breath so much before saying such words instead it had a little bit of fear clouded in it.

Right where he was, Alex scoffed then a smirk appeared on his lips. " This is who I am little flower,I told you I'm extremely dangerous and you shouldn't mess around with me, or offer yourself to me " Alex said still trying to mock her.

While he talk, she could feel the rough movement his body made because of the way his voice sounded when he speaks. She could tell he wasn't sitting or wasn't walking or wasn't even calm ..... And his breathing had become heavier minute after minute. Beside each time she spoke, it was like he would get something done first before replying her and when he replied her she would have heard the agonizing and pleading voices of different man where he was.

Alex never had the time to talk to any lady before, most especially when he was angry and working. But he was on phone with this lady who had amused him some hours and again it got him really surprised.

" Do you think I can't handle what you're doing?" Alyssa said, trying so hard not to make the fear in her voice visible to him, trying to take away that innocence hiding deep within her.

" I am at the bridge of losing every single thing I have, every single thing I've worked for. And I still ask myself why the hell I am like this. Maybe that's why I need you most Mr Alex.... But I need to Love, I want to experience romantic feelings for someone, that's all I ask" Alyssa voiced out with sudden rage burning up deep inside her heart. But unfortunately, Alex had ended the call long ago.

" Please don't kill me, please" A tall man in Black suit pleased lying down there in his own pool of blood. Alex popped his gun and pointed it to his head. Mentally, he calculated the distance between the cold metal in his hand and the man's brain.

" Straight to his brain or heart, where?"Alex asked himself slowly gazing at the man's body with his eyes half closed.

" Please, please, why do you want to kill me you mother fuvker, for hell sake I am your boss" Alex heard the man's loud voice as he cursed him getting him angry the more.

" His fucking brain" Alex concluded. " Not anymore" And pulled the trigger watching his brain splatter everywhere, most part of it took up a residence of the wall. He turned and started out, walking towards the door and just then, he remembered he was actually talking to the little flower a while ago.

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