Chapter 17_ Forget The Kiss.

A blur vision welcomed her immediately after she opened her eyes. Alyssa didn't seem to know where she was or did she know how she got to wherever she was, but one thing that was clear to her immediately she opened her eyes was the fact that she was no longer at the same place she fainted before.

A while ago, Alex had been pondering whether to go check up on her or not. He didn't want to concern himself about her but the fact that the place might look strange to her bothered him. He finally concluded to use that fact as an excuse to go check on her.

Slowly, he opened the door and walked into the room. Sound and beautifully asleep, with a sweet smile on her face. " guess you're having a wonderful dream" Alex said as he watched her sleep soundly.

His mind drifted off to why she was alone and where she was heading to be alone. Though they promised not to be concerned about each other's welfare or safety but was he supposed to watch her get raped and feel pitiful.

He had to come up with
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