Chapter 46

Scarlett's plan had been to fool Jacob into thinking she was interested in him and stab him with something sharp.

Her mind and body belonged to Griffin, but her resolve weakened when Jacob eyed her with lust.

While the mafia boss of the brothers resembled his twin, there was a gleam of arrogance in Jacob's eyes that Scarlett couldn't resist. And his cock? It was stiff and ready for her, throbbing and angry.

It would be so easy to just let it slip inside...

Scarlett's pussy was clenching already, wanting Jacob to fill it. It would be so easy to use him to reach an orgasm. She bet it wouldn't take much riding to achieve that great peak of pleasure.


What was she even thinking?!

She wouldn't fall for the temptation!

Bad, Scarlett!

Even if she was in pure physical pain from resisting Jacob. The evil genius didn't even make an effort to cover himself. He seemed to love the attention he was getting and smirked.

"Are you offering to suck my cock, Scarlett?" Jacob asked with a glimmer i
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