It was going to be a busy day as usual for alpha Dominic. He got up at dawn to make it for his daily jogging to and fro his house, then he went ahead to train with his beta, gamma and zeta this time. He went to the pack's general training ground and met them there training vigorously with other guards and soldiers.

He was satisfied to see they weren't slacking even in his absence. They all bowed once he entered and he smiled then dismissed them before they all went to their various positions to continue with their training.

Williams approached him with two swords in hand and handed one to him "hey Alpha" he greeted as Dominic took the sword from his hand "hey latest dad in the pack" Dominic greeted back and they both laughed.

"Damn, it's been so long since I came for training at the pack's general training ground" Dominic said and Williams nodded in agreement absentmindedly "you're here now, so let's see if you're still good or if you've gotten rusty" he replied as they finally got to
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