Chapter 31- I miss her


I was busy watching videos when Draeden knocked. My friend's bully is here again. I'm out of work now and I will see it again.

"Hey what are you watching p *** s ***?

I told you don't put your hands on it because you can taste all women's too," he said and his mouth never really had a break.

"Assholes don't make me look like you. I'm satisfied with Andrea, I know how to wait." annoyed by my language.

"Hey, I'm sober, Tanya and I are sober," he replied. And it's good that it's new because if I don't, I'll ignore him. He's a good catch with his girlfriend, so don't make him look crazy, he's really mad at the amazon Andrea.

"It would be good if I didn't hit you on the wall," I said seriously.

"You're hard on me buddy, your temper. Let's just double date. What are you going to do, I'll tell Tanya to tell Andrea." it's language. Look at me at once and wait for my answer.

"We don't have a date tomorrow, and I don't want to bother," I said.

"Oh really! So you can be
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