Chapter 63- Axel's biological father

"She's dead. Alhea is dead." Aunt Helga said.

I never thought Alhea would die. She's been comatose lately. But I just haven't thought about it yet.

"Condolences," I said. Then I turned off my cell phone.

I continued to drive back to my son. It was getting late and I didn't know the time so I stopped over at a restaurant to eat and get a full tank of gas. The hospital where my son is confined is also a bit far. I was excited to hug him and tell him I was his real daddy, who he wanted to find me. And I even said that while his daddy is away, he can call me daddy. I didn't think he was my son, I thought then it was just my imagination and we looked alike when I was young. But the longer I spend time with him, the stronger the feeling that he is my son.

Unbeknownst to me, I had arrived at the hospital. I quickly parked and got out of the car, eager to hug my son. As soon as I went inside I hugged my son. I cried with joy when I saw how energetic he was somehow. You stopp
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