60- Anna

Alessandra Benjamin

We could not have dinner together last night but he compensated for it ...

In the pool, he seemed to practically worship me after immersing under the water.

He was the one who carried me to the room. Helped me in drying my body and tucked me in bed, giving Abramo a chance to sleep beside me.

However, in the morning he was not there. Which reminded me that he was leaving today.

I jumped out of my bed and took a quick shower. After dressing up in a floral frock I rang for Mili,

"Mili. Where is his highness?"

"He just got done with his breakfast ma’am."

I hoped that I was not late, "Mili. Please take me to him." Nodding his head he opened the door and got back immediately.

King Noah was standing there in the doorway wearing a black formal suit. He looked so handsome. Mili side stepped quickly to leave the room.

"Done checking me out, love?" He entered the room, closing the door behind him.

"I thought you have already left, my lord."

"Why would I do that, sweetheart
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