87- Best Friends

Alessandra Benjamin

Dania was bent down and I could have a clear view of her cleavage. She was looking into my eyes. A few minutes back, when she heard my wolf’s growl, she was quick enough to come to my room.

The most hurtful thing about that kiss was King Noah let it happen. He did not back off, unmistakably enjoying her touch.

“What are you looking for Dania?” Goddess knows why I could not sound rude to her.

“I am looking for Carla, Alessandra.” She pulled the skin under my eye bags to have a clear view of my eyeballs, “Your wolf…”

“Your wolf is there. You need to help me in bringing it out.” I kept shaking my foot trying to dismiss the sudden pain in my chest.

“Well!” She straightened, “It might come out if we try harder.” I did not know what she meant by that.

The door opened again and Ashley came in with a wine bottle. Had she lost her mind? Why the hell she was here with the damn wine bottle?

“Any hope?” She was asking Dania but Dania shook her head with a little disappo
Lisa Salman

Hello! I know you all find Alessandra quite annoying. Just few more chapters and you might start loving her. Lolzz. I am planning to finish the book by the end of August. ( I hope so. Can't promise.) So stay with me. Please be a sweetheart and give a review on the main page of the novel. And those wonderful diamonds too. xoxo. Lisa Salman-author

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goodnovel comment avatar
Sounds like Noah cheating on Alessandra. He’s the one I’m annoyed with.
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Parwan Kaur
thank u for the update

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