88- Annabelle and Ashley

Third person pov (flashback)

Her beautiful grey eyes were searching for someone while walking towards the school cafeteria. She never had her lunch without Ashley. She straight away went to their usual table when someone placed her hands to cover her eyes.

“Looking for someone? Annabelle?” Anna who had started smiling suddenly pinched the skin of the back of Ashley’s hands.

“Brat! How many times should I tell you not to call me Annabelle?” She threw a fry on Ashley’s face which she caught expertly, “I don’t know what my parents were thinking when they chose this name. Ugh!”

Ashley chuckled and sat beside her. Anna never liked her name. She was always bullied for it due to the horror movie named Annabelle.

Ashley reached out for a fry from her tray which Anna was quick enough to drag away from her reach.

“Go get yours, Ashley.” She was trying to be classic mean to her best friend.

They were childhood friends since Kindergarten. Ashley was the one who approached Anna for the friendship.
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goodnovel comment avatar
Whoa I didn’t see that one coming! Now I’m confused though because did he rape her because she rejected him or what?
goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter was something. And I have a hunch. There is more to it!

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