114- Emma

Alessandra Benjamin

When Kiara told me about Lucas and that it might be him who pushed Talia, I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

The first thought popping up in my mind was of Emma. She lost David. Now Lucas?

No. Please no, Goddess. I hope Kiara was not right. Deep down I knew she was. Everything made sense now.

When Lucas entered the room we acted as if we thought of him as our ally.

Hazel James arrived along with Mili and I knew that soon Noah and Ezequiel James would be there too.

"Lucas. Stay where you are. Mili might be dangerous" Hazel said firmly. She was carrying a gun and everyone knew her target was always spot on., “Mili was trying to run away. Something is going on around here. Ezequiel and Noah are not here. Please, you need to take charge.”

"What is going on here?" Ezequiel and Noah James's entry was also unexpected for Lucas, “Mom. Is everything alright? What is it?”.

"You called them here?" Lucas asked Hazel with a little irritation. He was torn between fear and
Lisa Salman

Thank you for your patience Parwan Kaur. Dear readers. Please stay with me. I think, I need to publish three or four more chapters. Lisa. xoxo

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wow I guess about lucas. Emma you a hero be strong you get good second hand mate. wow both noah and alessandra was reborn that a surpise. this a good story
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blitzqueen rice
I am so loving this book! Thanks so very much for the updates and the wonderful storyline! I am slowly but surely making my way through all of your books and I'm really enjoying them! Especially since I haven't read in the last 20 years or better but your books have made me an avid reader again!
goodnovel comment avatar
What? Emma? No!

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