115- Kiara's mate


Alessandra Benjamin :

It had been 2 weeks to the Royal Beta's demise. The royal family had decided to cover the truth and not let it go out of the room.

Mili was not only asked to keep the secret but was also sent to the dungeons for five years. He was being blackmailed by Lucas ever since the poor guy witnessed his mate’s murder.

A special request was made by Noah not to reveal the truth about Lucas to Talia or Asher.

He wanted to remember Lucas as a childhood friend and brother.

This morning I woke up in a haste. My stomach was making strange sounds.

No. I was not pregnant. Today was the coronation ceremony for the future Queen of Kavoda Kingdom at noon. Followed by a party at night where all the Alphas and their Lunas were invited. I was supposed to have my official first dance with my king.

This party was special as unmated wolves had a high chance of finding their mates. The strange rumbling of my stomach was getting worse.

"Noah. Please ask them to put that dam
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Čila Gabrić
Yeees, I knew it!
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Star Bigelow
I knew Ashley was Kiaras mate, awwwh

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