119- Home Ruler

Alessandra Benjamin


It was a private party arranged in the garden. Just an intimate family affair to get the chance to know each other.

After roaming around with my protruding belly I was made to sit at the table beside Ezequiel James.

While talking to me he had this constant mischievous glint in his eyes.

The other round table was occupied by my mother in law and she was telling Noah, Goddess knows what stories. Because every other minute he would throw back his head and laugh loudly.

Everyone was happy... hearty.

Talia and I got the time to gossip a lot about our past lives. How we grew up, how we spent our childhood. She was a talkative girl and we seemed to get along really well. Tonight Patricia stayed with her dad most of the night.

"My daughter is crazy after him!" Talia had said throwing a loving gaze their way.

Emma had to leave early because she wanted to go to Beatrice to make her sleep.

Yes. We had handed over the little girl's responsibility at Emma's r
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thanks Star. Love you
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Star Bigelow
thank you so much Author!!! you always pull my heart strings. thank you for bringing Amerigo back and the beautiful, tear felt moment to discover that the mystery boy was Amerigo the whole time. I cried so depthfully. Felt all this in my soul. Wonderfully written Aurthor. I adore your imagination!
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yayy writer. waiting for the epilogue.

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