Hello readers. Please let me know if you like the story. There is a next book expected but not that soon as I need to complete Raphael’s book first. (Added to the Oops I Married A CEO By Mistake book).

Please keep following me for further updates about it.

I am sharing a little blurb so that no one can blame me in the future for stealing someone’s work

[As a king, he had been looking for his mate. When he found one, he rejected him immediately because he was not a g*ay. How can Moon Goddess crack such kind of joke? He was never interested in men.

 Her life was in danger so she transformed herself into a man and went to him. Only to get insulted and rejected by the king.]

Like it?

I hope you do.

I don’t think I will bring back Noah, Ezequiel, or Hazel. I can’t. Because saying them goodbyes gets harder for me.

So even if the next story would be about Amerigo you might not find them in his book. Or maybe a little bit!

Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. Don't forget to review this book Silver Eyed Luna in the main section.

I love you all.


Lisa Salman-author

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Lisa Salman
Haha. Not sure about that Zenia. But its a good idea.
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Lisa Salman
No Parwan. That was the ending for Kiara. Ashley sacrificed her career for Alessandra.
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No Parwan. She could come to know about it in the next book. Maybe!
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