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After stumbling through some sisal plants, Nelanian found himself at the shores of the island.

He could not believe what he was seeing, he had to touch the sound to be sure his mind was

not playing tricks on him. Sure enough, there was no mistaking it, the sand was black.There are

no foreign influences that caused the discoloration, the sand was in its natural form.It felt like he

was stepping into a void, like darkness swallowing his feet.

Nelanian Had traversed a few feet into the sandy shores when he lost the will to go on. he

looked up,Towards the sky, and there was no visible light. he looks towards the Horizon and

there was no sign of life. he could hear the waves of water splashing in front of him, yet he

couldn't see them mass of water itself. it was too dark for his eyes to perceive. It was then that

he knew his eyesight did not have the fault, nor did his ailing brain trick him. it was the nature of

the island, and he knew exactly
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