The extreme fire of the flames charred the body. The undead knights nearest to the flames threw themselves into the fire, oblivious to their own safety. Others struggled to rip the soul sleeve from the tyrant's baked arm, while others struggled to drag the flaming body out of the flames. Even after spending a considerable amount of time within the fire, the spell enchanted on the sleeve rendered it indestructible.

One of the soldiers was able to rip it off and throw it over to the side of the field that was not engulfed in flames. The other undead knights swarmed around the sleeve, scratching its fur. Their perseverance paid off soon after, and streams of violet and black smoke began to emerge from the sleeve. They stood their ground, while others were hit by tongues of smoke, which would seep into their armour and through their chests.

They became conscious of their surroundings almost immediately after the streak of energy reached their body, as if they had just awoken from a long s
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