The heinous deeds he'd committed, he was unable to forgive himself for such heinous deeds.Lora felt bad for him. She had seen the tragedy that had befallen her brother. The mindless machine that slaughtered innocent people for the thrill of watching one struggle for his last breath as they died. As he cut off people's limbs, he grinned satirically. She knew he would never do anything like that, and she desperately wanted to help him forget about it, but there was no chance she could do that.For an extended amount of time, he sat in his chair, weeping. Lora sat beside him on the edge of the bunk, trying to console him. He eventually slowed down enough to answer some of her sister's questions after a while.“Are you okay now?” she inquired.He responded, "Yes, I guess I'm fine now."Lora bent in closer and gave him a sidelong glance.“Could you please explain what happened? How did you end up in this situation? She inquired, "How did the dictator bring you under his control?"Jrue took a deep
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